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The stories you must visit

Nguide is you personal travel guide. It unveils the wonderful stories of places around you.
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Amazing Features

We created a personal travel audio guide. The app automatically discovers the places around you and tells you their stories, so you can just keep your phone in your pocket and dive into it. We want to emphasize that the app actually knows whether you can see the place or not. Your exploration experience isn't limited by a predefined tour, you can start your adventure anywhere you want.

Our tours functionality are implemented in a totally different way than what you have seen before/what has been done before. They are dynamically generated by the preferences you select and the app will adapt to your specific needs. Gamification will lead to another level of user experience by tracking and scoring the user's travel experience in a catchier and more fun way.

About Nguide

In 2014, we – a team of Romanian innovators – joined forces with the aim of connecting places and their stories with travellers who wanted to explore the world in a brand new, innovative way: via a global, open and free platform. We wanted to create a personal travel guide that will delight our users with the most interesting stories of the places around them.

Andrei Andruh, CEO
Filip Tudic, CTO
Catalin Demian, Engineer

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Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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